Nursery Rhymes for the Teenage Mind Official Video

Hello 🙂, my name is Keanu Taylor. I am a creative enthusiast with extreme passion for my work. I love to CREATE, EDIT, and CAPTURE anything and everything that sparks the eye. Three things I love more than anything else is Cooking, Writing, and Wrestling. I Dream of one day becoming an expert in all three of these fun and creative hobbies.

For the past 6 months writing and preparing the manuscript for my very first book, Nursery Rhymes for the Teenage Mind. Nursery Rhymes for the Teenage Mind consist of a series of five short stories which relate to problems and conflicts that many teenagers face in their young and confusing lives. Each story contains a lesson that strengthens the teenage mind.


  • Man is a Man about a shy teen who is constantly misjudged by his peers and mistaken as someone/something else.
  • The Amazing Santa Clause- believe it or not there are families who get nothing on Christmas. Many times because of financial problems. This story is about a boy who struggles with his father between reality and make belief.
  • One Day I’ll be Free- Almost every teen believes their parents are overprotective. Some teens actually live in a household where their parents scrutinize their every move. Teenage Ty lives a life where he never sees a second go by without his parents hovering over him.
  • Skinny Minnie- In a world where everyone dreams about losing weight, very few ever dream about gaining weight. Skinny Minnie was picked on all his life for being small and is hoping for a change.
  • Another boring summer- all teens at some point were once asked the most personal and awkward question anyone can ask, “Are you a virgin?”. Gina goes through life saving herself for marriage when everyone around her seems to be doing the exact opposite.

Who is the illustrator?  

I decided to parnter up with my good friend Nathan Wlotko. He was more than pleased to work on illustrating my book. I can’t wait to see the illustrations he comes up with for this project.

*These are samples of Nate’s Previous work (Not illustrations for the book).

* For more samples of his work contact

Where is the Contributions Going?







Other Ways to Contribute

There are manys ways to contribute other than financially. By spreading the word about our campaign bring in more possible contributors. The more people involved in this experience the better. If you have any more ideas, feel free to contact 🙂

I’ve worked really hard to write and prepare the group of nursery rhymes provided in this book. And dream of getting it published. But I need your help! Every contribution brings me closer to my dreams. Successfully publishing this book will boost my self-esteem and open thousands of doors for me in the future. Hopefully one day, if the book is successful, I can create a sequel :). 


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