Kipul Launches Kid-Inspired Folding Flowerpot


kipulThe new Folding Flowerpot from KIPUL is designed to inspire creativity in children while exposing them to a healthy lifestyle and organic food.

July 24, 2013KIPUL has announced the launch of the KIPUL Folding Flowerpot, a product designed to connect “urban children” to nature, organic food, and a healthier lifestyle. Created by a husband and wife team, the product was developed through trial and error, but is simple for everyone to use.

The KIPUL Folding Flowerpot is made from recycled 0.8 mm thick polypropylene and recyclable materials. It can be painted or drawn on using permanent paint included in the package, while the simple folding method contributes to the product’s usability by kids.

Once assembled the flowers only need to be watered once a week. A passive hydro system is built in. With the product come organic seeds of the customer’s choice. The Jiffy growing pod provides an easy way to grow the seeds without difficulty, giving children a chance to learn gardening and to give as a gift to loved ones.

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Suitable for creating an organic garden at home, KIPUL Folding Flowerpot comes in two sizes, depending on the customer’s choice or where it is going to be placed in the house.

It is now available to ship anywhere in the world.

The production of KIPUL is conducted with the community in mind. Employed during this process were people with disabilities who agreed upon the conditions of the project and the job.

A rigorous design and testing process was conducted to ensure the product worked, was easy to use by kids, and could withstand packaging and transport. The full team at Kipul was involved, including Chesi Ben Porat, CEO, with eight years of project management and investment experience; Michele, project manager; Adi Aviram, Director of Finance and Purchasing; and Eden Horizon, Director of Administration.

KIPUL FOLDING FLOWERPOT is available various size kits-

  • Only $19 for FOLDING FLOWERPOT SMALL Size Kit


    • Includes everything you need to create and grow herbs or vegetables:
      • 1 Organic Seeds pack
      • 1 jiffy
      • 3 Waterproof markers
      • 1 Folding Flowerpot Size Small
  • Only $23 for FOLDING FLOWERPOT Medium Size Kit
    • Also includes everything you need to create and grow herbs or vegetables in Size Medium

KIPUL Folding Flowerpot will be available starting Monday 29th July at Kickstarter

For more Details please contact Chesi anytime at:


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