Three Must See Culinary Movies

I love movies! especially the ones that relate to my life in someway. After spend hours watching various of cooking movies in one day (some of which I already seen but was so good I had to watch it again), I gathered three movies that every food-fanatic must see.

1. Ratatouille

    • If you haven’t decided whether you should pursue your career in the culinary world, Ratatouille can inspire you quit you current job and take out a big loan and become the greatest chef there ever was (maybe not, being that the rat had more skills than the chef). This movie is about a young boy (who’s a terrible cook) that becomes a well known celebrated chef after using a highly skilled rat to actually cook the food in the kitchen.

2. No Reservations

    • This movie is my absolute favorite. Within less than a minute into the movie you already want to cry (if I wasn’t to tough I would have cried). The Zeta-Jones is extremely passionate about her cooking and would let nothing get in her with her career. Until she becomes the guardian of her niece after the mothers death.

3. Julie & Julia

    • Now of course this one had to be on here (surprisingly, I looked at dozens of top culinary movies and this wasn’t on any of them). This story is based on a real chef, Julia Child, and a food blogger who is fascinated with Julia Child. The story simultaneously switches between the point of view of each others life while they both struggle to reach their dream.

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