Three foods You Should Never Buy Again


Listed Below are three foods that you should never buy again. Instead make them. Making these three foods will give you better quality foods as well as a healthier lifestyle. Give it a try and tell me if you can taste the difference.


  1. 100% whole wheat bread
    • I use this almost all the time. once you get used to making this bread, you can turn it into anything (French-toast, cinnamon bread, banana bread, etc.). This is the basics of bread making and the beginning to endless possibilities.
  2. Make Almond Milk
    • Never buy Almond Milk again. Make your own. Replace any recipe that calls for dairy milk with this and create a healthier meal. Add it to your cereal, you coffee, cookie dough, anything. Making your own Almond milk not only is a better choice that dairy milk, but also ensures you that there is no other hidden ingredient in what you’re drinking.
  3. Butter
    • I did this in school once and thought it was amazing. basically you mix some cream until it becomes thick like butter. The best part is you get two things for the price of one buttermilk (for pancakes and other stuff) and butter. Knowing how to do this can save you a lot of money in the long run and, like the others, give you complete control of what you’re actually consuming.



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