Three Must Read Culinary Books

Here are three books that I’ve found very helpful to me and will definitely be very helpful to you.

  1. How to Talk Like a Chef
    • If you ever plan on working in a kitchen, you must be able to understand when someone calls out “eighty-six” and act quickly accordingly. If you don’t plan on ever working in a kitchen you’ll gain almost another language including all the others you already know (if you already know french, you have a head start). The next time you walk into a restaurant, the gibberish that once was will now be music to your ears.
  2.  101 Things Every Culinary School Student Should Know Before They Go
    • Making the decision to pursue your dream as a chef is a big deal (just like with any art). If you are having mixed thoughts on whether you should go to cooking school or become a chef at all, this list will provide you tasks and conflicts during and after you attend Culinary School.
  3. How to Improve Your Kitchen Skills and Cooking Techniques
    • Everyone can improve somewhere in the kitchen. This guide will help you do exactly that. Personally the best cooking book I have. This is not a book full of recipes you should make, it’s a book full of techniques that every cook should already know or master while in the kitchen.

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