The Real Way to Make French Fries

If you’re like most people, when cooking french fries you probably put it in the fry it only once (I call that the one and done). Which is wrong! You must DOUBLE FRY, and I’ll tell you why. When cooking it the first time, you only want to cook it enough so that the insides are cooked. By removing it from the fryer then placing it back into the fryer at a higher heat your fries will become extra crispy on the outside.




1 Russet Potato (For one serving… 2 for 2 servings… 3…4…etc.)


Black Pepper (optional)

Vegetable or Peanut oil (WARNING: Peanut Oil can be really hot) filled in a stockpot halfway


STEP 1) Heat Stockpot with oil to low heat.

STEP 2) Square off Russet Potato and Allumette Cut (Peel the potato before cutting for skinless fries. I personally like the skin 🙂 )

STEP 3) Pat dry. The Season with salt and black pepper.

STEP 4) Cook Potatoes in heated oil for 8-10 minutes.

STEP 5) Remove from oil and dry on paper towels. Heat the oil to high heat setting.

STEP 6) Place Potatoes back into oil and cook for only 2-3 minutes.

STEP 7) Remove for oil and dry on paper towels. Season with Salt.


  • Make sure you DO NOT clutter the stockpot with potatoes. Otherwise the Fries will not cook evenly.

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