Culinary Drug Addicts

Keanu Taylor

Alcohol, drugs, and cooking- All chefs do it. The one who doesn’t is either Cinderella or a socially awkward lunatic. In Kitchen ConfidentialAnthony Bourdain informs future chefs and food lovers about the realities of the culinary world. One of the main topics he covers throughout the novel is the excessive use of drugs in the culinary world. Anthony Bourdain stresses this to express chef’s ambition and curiosity that make them more likely to experiment with drugs than people in other careers.

In the second chapter of Kitchen Confidential, while exploring France, Anthony would spend his “first few weeks exploring underground passageways, looking for dead Nazis, playing miniature golf, sneaking cigarettes,” and whole bunch of other stuff the average child would never do. Anthony was also “largely unimpressed by the food” in France (Bourdain 10). This shows that Anthony possessed the right amount of ambition and curiosity that…

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