College Has Summer Reading!!??!!


I NEVER knew there would be Required Summer Reading in College. I checked my schools email last night, and to my surprise a week old email titled “Freshmen Reads Program”.

“I never signed up for no reading program,” I thought to myself (maybe out loud) “that’s for nerds.” (FYI. I didn’t really say that last part, just want it to seem more dramatic)

I clicked the mail and to my surprise, I have Summer Reading :(. I immediately bought the book, Behind the Beautiful Forevers, from the Amazon Kindle Store. I knew that I didn’t really have a choice, so the price (which wasn’t a burden at all), didn’t matter. I also tried to see if I could find some Sparknotes on it (For Studying Purposes 🙂 ). That didn’t go so well.

Now I have forced myself to immediately stop reading The Great Gatsby (Which I’ve read before), and start every morning with my Summer Reading and end each day with Think and Grow Rich (I normally read Self-Improvement Books in the morning and Stories (especially Fiction) at night, but since I tend to get distracted at night, I’m making exceptions).

20 Days Until the Road To JWU Providence at Johnson & Wales. 23 Days Until the Start of Fall Classes!!!


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