Nelly in Missouri


Just after I have left the landfill where all the trash is disposed, We realized that the tank was on empty. We rushed to the Gas Station. While we were getting Gas for the U-Haul, Nelly drove up right next to us, in his Mercedes Benz. “Why is Nelly here in Missouri?” I thought to myself (And it couldn’t have been a worse time meeting someone of such high status right after coming from the dirtiest part of every state- the landfill. I didn’t feel comfortable with the fact that I was so dirty and he was… well… Nelly). Nevertheless, I took a picture with him with my brother (I’m the pretty one on the left) and went on my way. Once I’ve got back in the car I search his name on Instagram and realized Nelly was here to support the Mike Brown protest in Ferguson, Missouri. The only picture I’ve still have with a Celebrity (I had a picture with Curt Warner back in 2003 and 2004 when I had Cancer. That’s long gone after the thousands of moves 😦 ).  It’s pretty cool to see him on a normal day.

17 Days Until the Road To JWU Providence at Johnson & Wales. 20 Days Until the Start of Fall Classes!!!


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