The Principles of Beverage Service

Even though this is the second instructor I’ve had, this instructor is amazing. I can’t imagine any teacher as funny as this one. He really gained my interest in the Principles of Beverage Service.

Even though the instructor has an incredible way of making the students feel extremely comfortable in his presence, he plays no games when it comes to grading and procedures.

Before a student can even enter a classroom, he/she must go through inspection. I must admit, there’s no one that scrutinizes student’s uniform as much my previous instructor- Meat Cutting (I have never received an perfect score on my uniform. I highly doubt anyone did, but I really did give me an advantage for my other classes). The inspector gives a quick look for cleanliness of the uniform and right attire:

  • Black Pants properly hemmed
  • Black Belt
  • Cleaned and pressed University issued White shirt
  • Black apron
  • White T-shirt
  • Black Socks (No exceptions)
  • Clean and Shined dress shoes
  • Name Tag
  • Hair net (If hair is long). Neutral color.
  • Clean Shaven, 1 in long sideburns (Which I need to cut on)
  • No jewelry (except watch, and wedding band)
  • No perfume, aftershave, or cologne
  • Nails must be trimmed. No Nail Polish

Then he checks to make sure each student has the required documents for class everyday. After that, the student may enter the class. Get something wrong the student gets hit with the most used word from the inspector, “Filthy”. Not in a rude disrespectful way, more in a funny way. It kinda takes stress off of any mistakes made.

I know I’m going to defiantly enjoy his class.

This is what everyone looks forward to in The Principles of Beverage Service, Wine tasting. I actually got tired of it to be honest (Everyone else would definitely disagree with me).

With every wine tasting we get a plate of cheese, crackers, and CHOCOLATE! I LOVE CHOCOLATE! And cheese too.

We learned how to identity each wine, smell, taste and pair it with other foods. We also learned to properly serve wine (I need to work more on that).



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