My first Term at Johnson & Wales University

There’s a lot of goals I’ve accomplished during my first term at Johnson & Wales University. I never missed a single day of any of my classes. I joined three club organizations as well as took other clubs into consideration. I went to more school events than most of my friends. I had the opportunity to speak with upperclassmen about their experiences and what they would have done differently as a freshmen. My biggest accomplishment was being the youngest Student Assistant at Snowden Dining (I definitely wasn’t the best or anywhere close to that but I progressed really fast).

So… Where did I go wrong?

  1. My Grades – In order to be able to apply for the Culinary Nutrition Program, Johnson & Wales, Culinary and Baking and Pastry Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA by the end of their sophomore year. I managed to finish the term with a 2.8 GPA.
  2. My Sleeping Habits – By the middle of October I managed not to go to sleep until 6 am every morning and wake up on time before 1 pm to get to class (Mostly because of work, since I don’t get off until 1 am every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I would hangout during the entire night until 6 am).
  3. My Health & Fitness – Being 19 years old, 5’8″ and 120 pounds is really hard to eat enough food as well as be healthy at the same time. I also lost all motivation since I wasn’t gaining any weight my entire life.

How am I going to improve?

  1. My Grades – Get a 4.0 GPA by studying right before and after class (instead of hanging out and wasting time with other people) and starting all assignments as soon as possible.
  2. My Sleeping Habits – Every weekday, I will go to sleep (be in my bed off my computer and phone) by 1 am and by 2 am every weekend.
  3. My Health & Fitness – Go to the gym at least 5 times a week first thing in the morning while tracking my progress as well as eat 6 “healthy” meals a day that meets my calorie needs.

Hopefully, next term will be twice as good as my first term.


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