2017 Master Plan

2016 was an interesting year. Not Just for me but for the world and the United States as a whole. Unfortunately, as always I did not complete all of which I set out to complete on my last (2016) new years resolutions. However, reflecting on the previous year and comparing who I am now to who I was in the beginning of the year, I can definitely say I have improved in almost all aspects of my life and opened the biggest passageway of success for 2017. At the end of every year I like to reflect on the previous year on what went right and what went wrong. After doing so, I come up with a sentence of two describing the main lesson I have learned the previous year. This year, however, will be the first year I actually put what I normally do in my head in writing form. The Following are what went wrong and what went wrong in 2016.

What went Right?

  • Get a paid spring culinary internship – It was a hassle, as well as a last minute decision (for unspoken reasons :P), however, I still managed to seal an internship at Sun Valley Resort at Gretchen’s Restaurant located in Sun Valley, ID. Although it was great learning experience (both life and career), I wish I had done more research as to where to do my internship instead of the careless search which I did. Sun Valley Resort offered great benefits as well as experience which I needed in order to advance further in my culinary career. I managed to receive an A+ after completing the internship and also completed my Associates Degree Requirement for Culinary Arts. Completed: March 8th – May 19th
  • Summer Job – After enjoying my experience as well as pay at Sun Valley Resort I decided to stay there for the summer where I earned the position as a line cook. Completed: May 20th – August 13th
  • Stage a Restaurant – Upon searching for culinary internships, desperate for ways to improve my resume. I staged at Gracie’s as well as Local 121, both of which was a great but dreadful learning experience. Completed: Feburary 20th , Early February
  • Work on pronunciation/grammar – although I do struggle to say words such as “ask” (I tend to say ‘AXE’, like the tool or body spray) and ‘specific (I tend to say ‘Pacific’, yes like the ocean), I have learned to recognize when I pronounce a word incorrectly and that it’s okay to pause in order to pronounce words the ‘right’ way. I also learned to be more aware of whether or not I am grammatically correct. While I do believe there is a time and place to correct another on their pronunciation/grammer, I learned understand the importance of being aware of word choices and the way I say/use them. Completed: 2016

All of what went right in 2016 pertained towards my career goals in life. Some of which I felt obligated to do so, not because I wanted to, but because it was requirement.

What went Wrong?

  • Write biweekly on my website – Writing biweekly on my website requires there to be at least 24 post by the end of the year. I failed to manage to even get one. This is due to my increased focus to finish writing my book. Which brings me to the next bullet…
  • Write 30,000 words for book – At the time I was working on a book which I had over 30,000 words completed leaving at least 30,000 more words for the book to be considered a novel. By July I decided that the book was going nowhere and that I would write a different book. Since then, I have only manage to write a little over 11,000 words on my new book.
  • Paid writing job – due to my lack of online writing as well as writing in general, my experience and opportunity to get paid for my writing decrease significantly since 2015.
  • 4 Community college classes – In hopes of graduating in 3 total academic years instead of 4, I sought to take CC classes which were cheaper than JWU summer classes. The problem was that the transferable classes I had already taken at JWU, leaving no room for any CC classes.
  • Get and maintain a six pack – Well, I had it…then I lost it.
  • Save $6,480 by September – Still working on it as we speak. Ya’ Boy gotz to pay fo’ college.
  • Be more involved in Res Life – I started the year strong, but was interrupted by internship. This is an expectation I set high for myself which I feel as though I’ll never live up to.
  • Be 140# by end of summer break + 165# by the end of the year with 7% body fat – my body fat is relatively low (actually undetectable in 2015). However, being 125 (at the time), gaining weight has always been a struggle for me.

2016’s Main Lesson

Learn to like myself before I attempt to like anyone else. If I don’t like me for who I am, who will?

After Reflecting on the Previous Year I have come up with a New, New Years Resolution with a New approach. I call it:

2017 Master Plan

Step 1)  Have the master plan accessible everywhere I go.

Evernote is a free app which allows me to do so. Also Printing a physical copy would also help. However I plan on saving Trees this year so I plan on limiting the amount of unnecessary printing I do.

Step 2) Look at last years uncompleted resolutions and decided which ones to transfer over to the new year and which ones stay in the past.

Step 3) Actually come up with the plan/list of goals to accomplish.

Create Goals that are measurable as well as able to be completed within a year. Avoid being vague such as gain/lose weight. How will that goal be measured? Does gain/losing 1 pound mean you accomplished the goal? And what if you you gain/loss the desired weight, then immediately go back to your normal weight? Does that still count as accomplishing your goal? Here’s an example of my 2017 Master Plan.

Step 4) Break each goal into parts.

How the goal will be accomplished? how long will it take? as well as how will it be measured for accomplishment?

For example: Goal – Save the Trees

Duration: All Year process

Measured: Amount of Paper thrown away at the end of year.

Average Paper Weight Thrown out per Person (APWTP) = [(sheets of paper per 4 person household x single paper weight)/# grams per pound]/4

APWTP = [(13,000 x 5)/453.592]/4

APWTP = 35.83

Paper weight < 35.83 = Accomplished

Paper weight > 35.83 = Not Accomplished

Step 5) Get to work.

“Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan.” – Napoleon Hill

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2017 brings many accomplishments along the way.

P.S. – Be sure to follow up with your goals to make sure they are still achievable and desired. Feel free to add more/take off within the year. When taking off be sure to note why it was removed for improvement of the next year.


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