Return to an Idyllic Pastoral Food System?

*This article was written for a class assignment in Food Science*

According to the IFT Review, Feeding the World Today and Tomorrow, returning back to the traditional way of food supplying is practically impossible.

Feeding the World Today and Tomorrow was a scientific review conducted by the IFT. The IFT stands for institute of food Technologists. This organization’s mission is to expand Food Science & Technology to promote healthier lives. The purpose of the Review is to inform the misinformed as well as public educators about what food science actually is and the importance of food science when it comes to feeding 7 billion people.

One major point the article focused on was how an “idyllic pastoral food system” would not work in the current modern time. Idyllic pastoral food system refers to providing only locally grown food, without any importation of any produce.

Why would it be neither practical nor possible to return to an idyllic pastoral food system?

  1. The ease of obtaining food.

    Currently, with food technology, our biggest problem is overeating and deciding whether we are in the mood for a certain cuisine over another. We do not fear going a day without having obtainable food. If we crave an apple, we’ll have an apple within minutes. The local food movement would require a large amount of labor from every individual in order to obtain food, practically making everyone farmers. Our biggest problem would not be overeating and conflicting food preferences. Instead, our biggest problem would be under-eating and hoping enough labor was done days prior in order to supply food for the present and future.

  2. Only Seasonal foods.

    Certain foods will be out of season or cannot be grown in certain regions. The demand for these produce will still be there and local cannot provide this demand.

  3. Desertification.

    Desertification is when fertile land turns into a dessert. Places that experience desertification will require food to be transported in order for people to survive in those areas. An example of this is Kenya.

  4. Growing population.

    “With the world population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, it is necessary to find a means to sustainably produce about 50% more food than is currently produced.” – IFT Review

Locally grown food has it’s benefits and is an important part of the food system. However, according to the IFT, when considering the world to feed, relying solely on locally grown food would only set us backward.

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