The Big Plantain Debate: How To Pronounce Plantain?

Okay I’ll admit, I’m the last person who should be ridiculing others for their pronunciation. Honestly, I’ll probably have at least 5 grammatical errors by the end of this article. Words like “Asks” and “Specific” are still one of the hardest words for me to properly say. As soon as is attempt to say something like “Hey, can I ‘Axe’ you something ‘pacific’…”, twelve people would simultaneously throw puns at me in attempt to permanently correct my pronunciation. While they had good intentions, the outcome merely made me defensive. This led to me going on rants about how correcting me mid-sentence displayed a lack of actual listening skills on their part (the whole ‘heard what I said but not actually listening to it’s message’ mantra). Nevertheless, I eventually swallowed my pride and now I constantly focus on the pronunciation of those two words to the point I have placed it on my New Years Resolution. Now I find myself in defense for something I refuse to conform to:

How to Pronounce Plantain?

That Should be enough evidence by itself but, due to Alternative facts, I’ll provide a more clear explanation as to why is pronounce Plan-TIN and not Plan-TAYNE (Credible sources included).

According to, plantain originated from Southeast Asia and is grown in tropical climates such as India, Africa, Egypt, tropical America and Caribbean islands. From fried to boiled, plantain is consumed as well as utilized in many ways which the US has adapted. That Being said, how do these origins pronounce plantain?

If is not a credible enough, then Merriam-Webster must be.

Lastly, if the word “Mountain” is pronounced Moun-TIN and Fountain is pronounced “Foun-TIN” why would Plantain be pronounced “Plan-TAYN”.

Regardless of how it is said, at the end of the day, we should all focus on the message of our words rather than constantly trying to correct one another and prove each other wrong. Yes, Pronunciation is vital. However with the major issues going on in the world today, whether someone pronounces a word wrong is very minuscule. One should be corrected when using improper grammar and pronunciation. But if the person is aware stubbornly ignores your advice, then he/she does not deserved to be tortured over something that has no control/power over your life. Let’s all as one focus our attention on bigger problems rather than attacking the ones with problems that are only hurting themselves.


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