Fiction Book: Nursery Rhymes for the Teenage Mind

Front Cover 3

Nursery Rhymes for the Teenage Mind consist of a series of five short stories which relate to problems and conflicts that many teenagers face in their young and confusing lives. Each story contains a lesson that strengthens the teenage mind.


1) Man is a Man- about a shy teen who is constantly misjudged by his peers and mistaken as someone/something else.

2) The Amazing Santa Clause- believe it or not there are families who get nothing on Christmas. Many times because of financial problems. This story is about a boy who struggles with his father between reality and make belief.

3) One Day I’ll be Free- Almost every teen believes their parents are overprotective. Some teens actually live in a household where their parents scrutinize their every move. Teenage Ty lives a life where he never sees a second go by without his parents hovering over him.

4) Skinny Minnie- In a world where everyone dreams about losing weight, very few ever dream about gaining weight. Skinny Minnie was picked on all his life for being small and is hoping for a change.

5) Another boring summer- all teens at some point were once asked the most personal and awkward question anyone can ask, “Are you a virgin?”. Gina goes through life saving herself for marriage when everyone around her seems to be doing the exact opposite.


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