Page of Resources

This is an never ending page that will be updated occasionally. While some of the resources on this list may be recipes or simple tasks, everything on here is something that everyone should know. Check out this page weekly as this page can be updated at anytime.

    1. How to make 100% whole wheat bread
      • I use this almost all the time. once you get used to making this bread, you can turn it into anything (French-toast, cinnamon bread, banana bread, etc.). This is the basics of bread making and the beginning to endless possibilities.
    2. How to Make Almond Milk
      • Never buy Almond Milk again. Make your own. Replace any recipe that calls for dairy milk with this and create a healthier meal. Add it to your cereal, you coffee, cookie dough, anything. Making your own Almond milk not only is a better choice that dairy milk, but also ensures you that there is no other hidden ingredient in what you’re drinking.
    3. How to make butter
      • I did this in school once and thought it was amazing. basically you mix some cream until it becomes thick like butter. The best part is you get two things for the price of one buttermilk (for pancakes and other stuff) and butter. Knowing how to do this can save you a lot of money in the long run and, like the others, give you complete control of what you’re actually consuming.
    4. How to Talk Like a Chef
      • If you ever plan on working in a kitchen, you must be able to understand when someone calls out “eighty-six” and act quickly accordingly. If you don’t plan on ever working in a kitchen you’ll gain almost another language including all the others you already know (if you already know french, you have a head start). The next time you walk into a restaurant, the gibberish that once was will now be music to your ears.
    5.  101 Things Every Culinary School Student Should Know Before They Go
      • Making the decision to pursue your dream as a chef is a big deal (just like with any art). If you are having mixed thoughts on whether you should go to cooking school or become a chef at all, this list will provide you tasks and conflicts during and after you attend Culinary School.
    6. Guide to Seasonal Growing of Fruits and Vegetables
      • If you ever want to grow your own foods you must first know what season each food grows. This guide provides you with a full list all the fruit and vegetables you can think of (well… all I can think of) as well as which season it grows in.
    7. How to Improve Your Kitchen Skills and Cooking Techniques
      • Everyone can improve somewhere in the kitchen. This guide will help you do exactly that. Personally the best cooking book I have. This is not a book full of recipes you should make, it’s a book full of techniques that every cook should already know or master while in the kitchen.
    8. Culinary Institute of America- Suggested Reading 
      • Every Culinary enthusiast should read at least one book from this list a month. The books are chosen by the CIA Faculty and Staff.  This make the book listed a must read.
      • This is absolutely my favorite Food-Website. This Site offer the best tips, recipes, and stories for anyone to enjoy. Here’s one of my favorite chow tip. 
    10. My Pintertest Profile
    11. Teach Every Child About Food
      • Sharing powerful stories from his anti-obesity project in Huntington, West Virginia — and a shocking image of the sugar we eat — TED Prize winner Jamie Oliver makes the case for an all-out assault on our ignorance of food.This is one of my favorite TED Talks as well as one of my favorite Famous Chefs (right behind Anthony Bourdain). I believe If Jamie’s Dream came true, we can solve the obesity crises and start a new revolution for the future.  
    12. Complex vs Simple Carbohydrates
      • Do you know the difference between Complex (Good) and Simple (Bad) Carbohydrates? Here’s an info-graphic that summarizes it perfectly!!!Good Carbs Vs. Bad Carbs
    13. The Mushroom Council
      • Out of all the events I’ve ever been to, this special event was one of the best events I’ve ever been to. The amount of information I’ve learned in this hour and a half seminar is phenomenal.The Mushroom Council is an organization that represents mushroom growers (not sure whether it’s international or domestic) to educate, conduct, research and promote fresh (more the use of) mushrooms.
    14. The RCA (Research Chef Association)
    15. Cult Sonoma – A Good Baker
      • An inside look into Sonoma Valley baker Mike [the bejkr] Zakowski’s process. Zakowski, of Sonoma’s Artisan Bakery, is one of three members of team USA which has secured its place at the famed Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie (World Cup of Baking), which will take place in Paris in 2012. Zakowski also bakes bread out of his home shop which he sells direct-to-consumers at Sonoma Valley farmers markets.
    16. Eating Healthy in America?
      •  Is it even possible to eat healthy in America? The video above explains the difficulty of buying healthy foods in the average supermarkets. Products like Nutella, Kraft Dinner, and even Campbell’s food labels get debunked. They are not as healthy as others may believe.
      •  What if everyone in America decided to eat only healthy food recommended? Would it even be possible? The video above conducts an experiment with findings that is unbelievable at first then believable with a little extra thought.
    17. The best places to eat in Providence for college kids
      • Providence has been known to be one of the top food cities in the U.S. for many years. This is an article I wrote for the JWU Campus Herald Newspaper about the great dining experiences Providence has to offer.
    18. National Novel Writing Month
      • National Novel Writing Month takes place every November starting the first and ending the 30th. The goal is to write an entire novel in one month 50,000 words. Regardless of whether you do complete the task of writing 50,000 words or not, this challenge will make you aware of the free time you actually have to write what we often push back.
    19. Edible Rhody Blog Posts 
      • As an intern for Edible Rhody, I had the opportunity to experiment with creating my own recipe, explore the best dumpling spots, and review amazing cookbooks from amazing foodies.
    20. Local & Regional Food Systems
      • This article explains the difference between Local and Regional Food Systems and how it impacts the world.

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